Progressive Training Systems


Progressive Training Systems is gym, which is based in Northampton and was founded by Faye and Ali who love training, for people who want to train. Since we started we have seen some extraordinary results using our intuitive training. We believe that you can be more than your best!


Our team train everyone from beginner athletes all the way up to professional & amateur athletes. Our unique methods are used to improve health, athleticism, strength & flexibility.

  • Our wide range of services include the following:
  • Private coaching / personal fitness training
  • Group / team / sport training
  • Fitness classes
  • Gym memberships available on request.
  • Therapies- Swedish and Sports massage and indian head massage
  • The exercise equipment that we use at our gym includes a varied range of specialist apparatus such as:
  • Strong athlete equipment - farmers walk handles, a yoke, 12" log bar, a range of different sized tractor tyres & more.
  • Specialist strength apparatus - barbells, which include a trap bars & swiss bars, safety squat bar, full sized power cages and more.
  • Specialised fitness equipment - weighted sleds, prowlers & battle ropes.
  • Kettlebell training - we have possibly one of the largest & most varied range of kettlebells in the UK with sizes ranging up to 64kg in pairs!
  • Accessories - sandbags, chains, bands that range from 5kg to 90kg & fat grips



Unit 21

Osyth Close



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