Our convoy returns safely

27th May 2022
Convoy returns

A convoy delivering food, clothes and medical supplies to Polish refugee camps on the border of Ukraine has safely returned to Northampton.

The convoy, organised by Brackmills Business Improvement District in partnership with Goodwill Solutions, travelled more than 2,400 miles over three days, delivering tonnes of goods and even donating the three vehicles they travelled over in.

Sara Homer, CEO of Brackmills BID, reflected on the trip: “We ended up crossing to Calais and then driving through Belgium, Holland, up to Berlin and then through Poland which was by far the longest leg. What an experience. There were some real moments of anxiety – were we safe, would the team be able to safely deliver our three vehicles to the Ukrainian army? They were, we were and all the donations were safely delivered to the people who really needed our support.”

John Sherriff, group development director of Goodwill Solutions said: “It’s pretty tense over there. Provisions were dropped off in the middle of the night and we drove to the border to deliver our vehicles to the military. The trip as a whole was a success. We met a lot of people on the way, other convoys, and we are planning another trip.

“We needed to show to all the generous people of Northamptonshire that their donations have got to the right places. We learned along the way that what is now needed is not clothes but is food and medical suppliers. I would like to thank everyone who has donated – rotary clubs, councils, the local community, parish churches and the mayor for waving us off. Please keep donating. This war is not going to be over any time soon. It may not be on the news as much, we our donation hub will remain open until we know everyone is safe.”
We need to encourage people to keep donating, this is not going to be over for a long time. It may not be on the news as much as it was but we need to continue to make that effort to get out there. The hub will continue until we know everyone is safe.”

Sara added: “We met some incredible people along the way and safely delivered all the goods that had been so generously donated by the people of Northamptonshire.  Along the journey we met and waved to ambulances, fire engines and other vehicles, all making the same journey as us – on route to help the people of Ukraine. It was incredibly humbling and we all want to return and keep on doing our part to help these people so in need.”

You can continue to support Northampton Supports Ukraine:

•    To donate products visit Goodwill Solutions, 1056 Deer Park Road, NN3 6R between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Call 01604 422464 on arrival.
•    There is a dedicated bank account for financial donations. Name Goodwill Solutions CIO, sort code 20-90-08, account number 63993264