Safety and security a priority on Brackmills estate

Paul Hurst
Wed, 06/16/2021 - 15:48

Security continues to be a key focus for Brackmills Business Improvement District (BID).

Since the Northampton business and logistics estate was awarded BID status more than 11 years ago – an initiative that sees businesses on the estate pool an annual levy to fund improvements and projects - crime on the estate has been dramatically slashed to an all-time low.

The BID has invested in police support, additional security, and business alerts – all adding up to a successful approach. Last year the BID upgraded all the estate’s 21 CCTV cameras - each strategically placed across the estate.

Investing in additional security

Additional security for the estate is funded by the BID, with the estate partnering with Etiquette Security, a Northamptonshire based company with more than 80 highly trained employees.

The need for such security was highlighted when a huge warehouse fire started in the early hours of May 1st. The first to detect and report the fire was the security team funded by the BID. This meant the fire services were quickly on site, potentially preventing the fire from spreading further across the estate.

David Laufer, Operations Director, said: “Many companies on the estate have their own alarms, CCTV or security guards, but we help to bring it all together, providing a cohesive tool of communication. Things like fires can affect every business. Crime is rarely isolated.

“Therefore, by the estate proactively working together, we can all be less vulnerable. Working with the BID, we’re aiming to improve the wellbeing of every company on Brackmills.”

Police Community Support Officer

Brackmills has its own Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), Paul Hurst (pictured), who joined the estate last year and whose role includes regularly patrolling the estate and flagging up any security concerns.

Paul commented: “Problem solving is a key part of my job, something that has continued to help us reduce crime on the estate. Not so long ago there was a spate of pedal cycle thefts, so we created a plan to tackle this. We hosted a Crime Prevention event at an estate business, where we offered advice to people. We marked bikes and used this opportunity to register the bikes on our police database.”

A typical week for Paul varies: “There is very little crime at the moment so I spend most of my days patrolling the estate and engaging with local people. During a typical shift, usually nine to 10 hours, I’ll walk or cycle about 20 miles."

The recent and devastating fire on Brackmills shocked many. It's because of the BID-funded 24-hour security on the estate that it didn’t spread further. The reaction to it was very fast.

For both Etiquette Security and the PCSO, the priorities are the same - visibility and communication.

David added: “The more we can work together, the better it will be for everyone. We need to look after each other. This is also a more cost effective approach than every company having isolated security solutions.”

All the security across Brackmills is there to help individuals as well and companies, and if anyone on the estate needs help, they are encouraged to speak to Paul or contact the Etiquette team.

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